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How Commercial Cleaning Benefits Your Business

How Commercial Cleaning Benefits Your Business

5 benefits of hiring a professional commercial cleaning company

Are you considering hiring a commercial cleaning service? Consistent and scheduled commercial cleaning has numerous advantages for your company. Here are some of the advantages of a thorough cleaning for your employees and clients.

1) Proper Clean

While anyone can quickly wipe down the counters, a professional cleaning company will take the time to thoroughly disinfect them. Proper Pickering janitorial supplies are designed to remove grime from counters, glass, and any other area where a sticky situation has been left behind. You want your commercial space to be sanitized and sparkle, not just look clean.

2) Impresses Guests and Clients

You want potential clients to be impressed when they walk through your door. The first impression of your space says a lot about your company. If your workspace is unorganized and dirty, they will likely associate it with the way you conduct business. Studies have shown that 32% of customers never return to businesses they viewed as unclean. A clean office will demonstrate to prospects that you care about your company and the environment you are inviting them into.

3) Saves Time

One less task in your busy day can free up time to focus on your business. With the proper equipment and janitorial supplies, the cleaning company you hire will be able to clean your space in less time. Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company is an inexpensive way to keep your commercial space clean.

4) Reduces the Risks of Liabilities

When you assign cleaning tasks to your employees, you are actually putting them at risk. Cleaning frequently involves crawling up ladders to wipe down lights or bending down under desks to reach hard-to-reach dirt. Hiring a commercial cleaning service that knows how to safely clean commercial areas can help you avoid workplace incidents and a costly Worker’s Compensation bill.

5) Healthy Environment

Working in a clean environment reduces the spread of viruses and germs. Hiring commercial cleaners who use Pickering janitorial supplies contributes to the creation of a germ-free environment. 

Canadian businesses lose $16.6 billion in productivity annually due to worker illness. Reducing health risks means that you and your employees are less likely to miss work due to a flu or cold. Because everyone can come to the office and focus on their daily tasks in a clean and tidy environment, a clean commercial building allows for more work to be done. 

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